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I'm a 19 year old college student with a major-in-progress in Animation and a minor-in-progress in Creative Writing. Gundam wing was one of my first favorites, running on several years now, but I also enjoy Naruto, Fake, Yame no Matsuei, and Full Metal Alchemist. I have a severe love of yaoi and or shounen ai, and creating things, be it hand crafts, an obscure drawing, or fanfiction.
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Summary: Warriors for hire, Heero Yuy and Wufei Chang have just been given one of the most difficult assignments of their life. Magic, dragons, and an uncertain chain of events leads up to something no one expected...
Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, 5xM
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Warnings: Graphic Violence
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Chapters: 36
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Published: 2005.09.06 Updated: 2008.07.08