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I am a loving wife and mother of six, grandmother of one. I have always loved writing and fanfiction has given me the outlet to fulfill that need. My dream is to someday be a published author but until that day happens I will continue to write fanfiction.
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Stories by bekkalynn
Summary: Five years ago, Duo Maxwell assumed command of the Battlestar Andromeda and left a very important part of his life behind. Now, the Andromeda has been assigned to carry out a crucial mission. With the future of Earth at stake, it's not the best time for his past, in the form of Ambassador Heero Yuy, to catch up with him.
Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, 5x6/6x5
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Angst, Language (Coarse Language, Profanity), Sexual Content (Lime/Lemon)
Series: None
Chapters: 17
Completed: No Word count: 35665 Read Count: 66227
Published: 2008.01.13 Updated: 2008.04.17