A Glimpse in Time by Fiery-icicles
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Quick, nimble fingers moved over the rubbery surface, the movements almost unconsciously done. Slipping through holes and crevices…under…over…around…

Heero finished tying his shoelaces and looked up at his roommate. "Ready to go?" He asked, standing up and stretching. Duo smiled and nodded, grabbing the other’s arm and pulling him out of the apartment building. Glancing in both directions, he asked.

"Which route?"

Heero stepped beside him and pointed right. "Let’s take the round about way. That way we can have breakfast at Le Boulanger." He knew that it was Duo’s favorite café and wanted to indulge a little. The bright smile he got was answer enough.

They took off, jogging at a steady pace, both of them wearing sweats. They passed the elderly couple as always, waving good morning and yelling a hello. They passed Micah and Chris, two other college students and high fived, as always, before continuing on. They talked about mundane things, movies, books, school. As always. They took the route through the local park, smiling at the other early runners, before stopping at the water fountain.

"Geez, the weather so hot today!" Duo exclaimed as he wiped his sweaty face on his shirt. It was late September and it still seemed like it was August!

"That’s not the only thing that’s hot." He heard Heero speak behind him and turned to his roommate. Since when had the perfect soldier gotten a sense of humor?

"It’s supposed to rain tonight." Duo didn’t understand the weather any more than he understood women. Both of them were strange. "Maybe you should cool off then, Yuy." He said smirking, dodging a swat to his behind as he walked to the water fountain.

Duo took a long drink, one hand pressing the button for the water, the other holding his bangs out of his face. He gulped down the water like a parched man and stood back up, stepping aside for Heero, waiting patiently while the other took his drink.

Heero stood back up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he faced the other. He found the braided ex-pilot staring at him appreciatively.

"Ogling at my ass again?" Heero smirked, running a hand through his sweaty bangs.

"Who am I to refuse when you willingly show them off?" Duo replied coolly, his eyes twinkling.

"I’m not the one who was getting checked out, Maxwell." Heero mused, as he pulled off the sweaty T-shirt, revealing the tank top underneath. Duo looked over him once, twice, thrice…

"Oh, you will be, Yuy." Duo said chuckling lightly.

"They know I’m taken." Heero replied, stretching out his arms.

"Oh yeah?"


"By who?"

Heero snaked one arm out to grab Duo around the waist and pull him closer. "Do you even have to ask?" he murmured, resting his forehead against the other’s.

"I just like to hear you say it." Duo replied huskily. It was starting to feel a lot warmer…

"Uh huh." Heero pressed a kiss to those soft lips before him. "By you. I belong to you, Duo Maxwell."

Duo shivered and took Heero’s mouth in a hungry kiss. "And I to you." They stood in their embrace for a few moments longer beside the water fountain, neither of them wanting to break away. Until Heero crept his hand down and pinched Duo’s ass before running off, laughing.

"YUY!" Duo yelled angrily. "Just wait until I catch you, asshole!" And then he took off after his lover, disappearing down the path.

Yes, life was definitely good.

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