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LWH #97 - Heero & Duo playing basketball618 viewsCommissioned by Calic0cat. Kracken did a great job of portraying the basketball game from Life with Heero #97, "Communications Restored - Part 4".
LWH #27 - Heero with kids623 viewsGift art drawn by DeeEzBee for Life with Heero #27, "He Knows the Bestest Games".
LWH #65 & 66 - Ice Cream Kisses727 viewsGift art drawn by DeeEzBee for Life with Heero #65 & 66, "Ice Cream Kisses".
LWH - Comfort892 viewsCommissioned by Calic0cat. Heero and Duo taking comfort from each other after a certain not-entirely-welcome "surprise" in Life with Heero #86 "Surprising - Part 2".
LWH #46 - Sneaky912 viewsCommissioned by Calic0cat for Life with Heero #46 "That Sneaky...". Heero and Duo sleeping on the couch. Kitana did a great job; the hazy blue glow from the TV screen is perfect.
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