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Summary: "Fine," Duo said, grinning. "If I win... I get to kiss you."

Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1+2/2+1
Genres: Get-together, Romance
Warnings: Language (Coarse Language, Profanity), Sexual Content (Lime/Lemon)
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes Word count: 2254 Read Count: 4814
Published: 2007.01.21 Updated: 2007.01.21

‘It’s like a carnival Heero. Something new and exciting every day, ya know? Never knowing what will happen next. Sometimes I wish this could last forever, don’t you Heero?’

The cast of Gundam Wing in the Tenchi Universe.

Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1x2/2x1
Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fusion
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 14
Completed: No Word count: 39008 Read Count: 55920
Published: 2004.06.25 Updated: 2004.06.25
Summary: "I am Severus Snape and I am here to speak with the parent or guardian of Evander James Harris regarding his admission for the coming term at Hogwarts School. I believe that I should be expected."
Categories: Buffy the Vampire Slayer > Spike/Xander, Harry Potter > Harry/Draco Characters: Angel(us)/Wesley, Buffy/Riley, Drusilla/Cordelia, Ethan/Giles/Anyanka, Spike/Xander, Willow/Tara/Oz
Genres: Alternate Universe, Crossover
Warnings: None
Series: (Dark and Evil Are) Not Synonymous
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes Word count: 3820 Read Count: 7274
Published: 2006.07.09 Updated: 2006.07.09
VIVA by Anonymous Rated: FRT - Members Only [Reviews - 71] Table of Contents
Summary: "Every virtuoso to have emerged in the last ten years had come from one place; the Wing College of the Arts."
Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, Other Pairing
Genres: 2004 WIP Challenge/Contest, Alternate Universe, Friendship Fic
Warnings: Other (see Author Note)
Series: None
Chapters: 20
Completed: Yes Word count: 60404 Read Count: 4979
Published: 2005.05.23 Updated: 2005.05.23

:*Hey Duo... it’s me, Duo.*: His own voice came over the headphones, sounding tired but determined. :*Before you do anything stupid, just listen to me, and concentrate real hard on what I’m saying.

:There was an accident on July 13th, AC197. You were at work and some cargo fell on you. Your head, shoulder, and foot were hurt. When you woke up at the hospital you had amnesia. Anterograde amnesia.

:... Oh, and, Duo?

:There *IS* no cure.*:


Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1+2/2+1
Genres: 2004 WIP Challenge/Contest, Angst, Drama
Warnings: Angst, Language (Coarse Language, Profanity)
Series: None
Chapters: 6
Completed: No Word count: 31404 Read Count: 22378
Published: 2007.01.25 Updated: 2007.01.25